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About Bella Mia, Inc.

dba Mia.Net, HostDrive.Com, The DNS Place

Garage ServerLike most pioneering early Internet Service Providers, we started in a garage. One server, a router, 10Mbit ethernet hub and a fractional T1. We offered dialup internet at the blazing fast speed of 14.4kbits/sec. A year later we bought some land, a building and continued to grow.

Today our network consists of fiber connections and hundreds of servers, thousands of websites and a focus on great personalized service!

We are pretty unique*. Most providers tout numerous data centers and massive facilities spanning the globe The reality is, they are buying space in someone else's facility and calling it their own. From the very beginning we hosted all of our customers servers and web sites in our own facility. We still do.

There are some distinct advantages to this. When you have a problem, we are RIGHT near your server. There's no waiting on multiple levels of support or waiting for some 3rd party, tier 4 support team to fix your problem during normal business hours. When you buy a server from HostDrive or host your website with us, it is on a server we built here in our facility and host here on our own network. We take great pride in offering a fast, friendly, affordable service and the support that goes along with it.

Bella Mia, Inc. is a Privately held Corporation in the State of Wisconsin. We incorporated in April of 1997 to begin providing Internet access and web hosting solutions locally and world wide. We're a family and veteran owned business.


Our Facilities

We have been providing reliable Dedicated Internet Service for almost two decades. We understand that establishing a presence on the Internet can seem expensive and complicated, but it does not have to be.

We provide a wide range of Dedicated Internet Services from Server Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Shared and Reseller Web Hosting, Domain Registration, and PC Repair. Unlike other providers we actually own and operate our own facility and own and custom build all of our own servers. We buy our own raw bandwidth from multiple providers.

We've been around since 1997 and are one of the oldest longest running providers in the industry. We're known for our Fast, Friendly and Affordable Service!

Facilities Include:

High Speed Redundant backbone
Multiple Fiber Connections
BGP4 Load Balanced Network
Redundant Cisco Routers
Cross Connects Available
100% Switched Network
Primary & Secondary Name Service
Climate Controlled Server Room
IPv6 Available
24/7 Traffic Graphs

120V AC, 240V AC Single Phase
24/7 Server Monitoring
24/7 Network Monitoring
Web Based Surveillance Cameras
Secure Key Pad Entrance
Wheel Chair Accessible
Secluded Picturesque location
Secure Off Street Parking
Secure customer work area
In Building Wireless

Why should you host with Host Drive?

- We offer Fast, Friendly, Affordable Service!
- We own our facility - we're not a reseller
- No Contracts
- No Middle Men
- Great Support!
- Personal Attention!
- We've been around over 19 years
- We're Family and Veteran owned

Why Host Drive Dedicated Servers

HostDrive Logo


Bella Mia, Inc. is a family owned, veteran owned, privately held corporation. HostDrive is our brand. It's also the street we're located on. Mia.Net is our name & our website and Maria's Internet Access is what we started as! MIA is an Acronym. It also means "My or Mine" in Italian. Bella is "beautiful" or "pretty". Bella Mia = My Pretty. I told you we were pretty unique!


  • About us

    • May 97 First Dialup Provider in Burlington, WI
    • June 97 KingBloom Acquired
    • Sept 99 Host Drive Facility Acquired
    • Dec 99 First Wireless Internet Tower in WI Built
    • Jan 2000 First Wireless Provider in WI
    • Feb 2001 Server Room Expanded
    • Aug 2001 Awarded WISP of the Year
    • Sept 11, 2001 Bella Mia aids in emergency communications following tragedy
    • May 2002 Bella Mia, Inc. published in German e-Business Computer Book - ISBN 3-932311-74-4

    • May 2003 Twin Lakes ISP Acquired
    • April 2004 Westosha Online Acquired
    • Jan 2005 eShox Hosting Acquired
    • May 2006 Power and HVAC doubled
    • Feb 2007 First Gigabit Fiber/Ethernet Installed
    • Jan 2007 Hosting Lizard Acquired
    • June 2008 Server Room Expanded
    • Oct 2008 Wireless Company DSLone SOLD
    • April Fools Day 2009 Bella Mia turns 12!
    • October 2009 Lake Geneva Facility Renovated

    • December 2009 Additional Gigagbit Services added
    • April 1, 2010 Bella Mia turns 13
    • November 20, 2010 Bella Mia doubles capacity
    • December 15, 2010 McKremie Hosting Acquired
    • April 1, 2011 Bella Mia turns 14
    • June 20, 2011 Bella Mia ads additional 100Mbps service to Cogent
    • April 1, 2012 Bella Mia turns 15
    • December 1, 2012 Bella Mia Ranked Best Host Midwest - CQ Host Survey Industry Studies Group
    • Jan 1, 2013 Bella Mia partners with TVC to bring low cost hosting to thousands of Veterinary Services Nationwide!
    • April 1, 2013 Bella Mia turns 16
    • May 1, 2013 Bella Mia offers Cellular Services
    • July 1, 2013 Bella Mia offers IPv6
    • Oct 2013 Installed Down Flow Economizers to reduce energy use and carbon footprint
    • April 1, 2014 Bella Mia celebrates 17 years in business
    • Nov 10, 2014 Bella Mia partners with CloudFlare
    • June 1, 2016 Bella Mia partners with iDrive