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Your HTML Pages on the Web

Viewing Your Pages

Now that you have successfully transferred your files to our server, you should view them to make sure that all of the links and graphics work. Use your browser, or obtain a current version from our Resources archive, and type in your URL, which will look something like this:



(if you have your own domain name)

If you now see your front page, congratulations! Your pages are on the Net! If you don't see your page, you may not have named it correctly. Check and make sure it is "index.html" only.

While looking through your pages, here are some of the things you may see that may not be right, and instructions on how to fix them.

  • Your links are not going to the right pages, or are bringing up an error message.

    This error will occur when the HREF="" portion of your HTML link does not include the correct name, or the file does not exist in your account.

    Go back and view your HTML code or your SimpleNet directory, and make sure of these things:

    1. The file exists in your directory, and it is in the correct place. (i.e. not in a different sub-directory)
    2. The name of the file is the same as the link to the file. Remember, files on our server are CASE SENSITIVE)
    3. The link itself has the correct pathname.

  • Graphics are not loading.

    If a graphic is not loading correctly, or at all, check these things:

    1. The graphic file exists in your directory, and it is in the correct place. (i.e. not in a different sub-directory)
    2. The name of the graphic file is correctly input into the IMG SRC="" tag. Remember, files on our server are CASE SENSITIVE.
    3. The graphic link has the correct pathname.
    4. The graphic is of the appropriate type. It needs to be in one of two formats: GIF or JPEG. If it is not in one of these formats, then the browser will attempt to save or open it with another application.

If you have more complicated problems send us an e-mail. We want to help you figure it out!


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