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About Us
Bella Mia, Inc.

TWC - Time Warner Fiber

TWC - Cogent Communications

ting Celluar and Mobile Phone Services

TWC - Time Warner Fiber
Credit Card Processing
Cisco Systems Apple Computer 
Nortel Switches CentOS



  • April Fools Day 1997 Bella Mia Created
  • May 97 First Dialup Provider in Burlington, WI
  • June 97 KingBloom Acquired
  • Sept 99 Host Drive Facility Acquired
  • Dec 99 First Wireless Internet Tower in WI Built
  • Jan 2000 First Wireless Provider in WI
  • Feb 2001 Server Room Expanded
  • Aug 2001 Awarded WISP of the Year
  • Sept 11, 2001 Bella Mia aids in emergency communications following tragedy
  • May 2002 Bella Mia, Inc. published in German e-Business Computer Book - ISBN 3-932311-74-4

  • May 2003 Twin Lakes ISP Acquired
  • April 2004 Westosha Online Acquired
  • Jan 2005 eShox Hosting Acquired
  • May 2006 Power and HVAC doubled
  • Feb 2007 First Gigabit Fiber/Ethernet Installed
  • Jan 2007 Hosting Lizard Acquired
  • June 2008 Server Room Expanded
  • Oct 2008 Wireless Company DSLone SOLD
  • April Fools Day 2009 Bella Mia turns 12!
  • October 2009 Lake Geneva Facility Renovated

  • December 2009 Additional Gigagbit Services added
  • April 1, 2010 Bella Mia turns 13
  • November 20, 2010 Bella Mia doubles capacity
  • December 15, 2010 McKremie Hosting Acquired
  • April 1, 2011 Bella Mia turns 14
  • June 20, 2011 Bella Mia ads additional 100Mbps service to Cogent
  • April 1, 2012 Bella Mia turns 15
  • December 1, 2012 Bella Mia Ranked Best Host Midwest - CQ Host Survey Industry Studies Group
  • Jan 1, 2013 Bella Mia partners with TVC to bring low cost hosting to thousands of Veterinary Services Nationwide!
  • April 1, 2013 Bella Mia turns 16
  • May 1, 2013 Bella Mia offers Celluar Services
  • July 1, 2013 Bella Mia offers IPv6
  • Oct 2013 Installed Down Flow Economizers to reduce energy use and carbon footprint

Now in our 17 th Year of Service! Bella Mia, Inc. is a Privately held Corporation in the State of Wisconsin. We incorporated in April of 1997 to begin providing Internet access and web hosting solutions locally and world wide. We're a family and veteran owned business.

It's hard to believe we started our business from a home, nearly 7 miles from the nearest Telecommunications Central Office with 12 dialup lines, a Fractional T1 and one server.

Since those early days our company has grown to include several different areas of business in the Internet arena. Our network has grown to include Fiber and GigE connections to multiple providers.

Today, all of us here at Bella Mia remain committed to maintaining our reputation for outstanding technical excellence and service. We continue to innovate and expand our network to meet the ever growing demands of our customers.

In 1999 we bought a commercial office building and moved our operation to Lake Geneva.  No, we don't have biometric scanners, blast doors, a fall out shelter, raised floors and cages, or other goofy eccentricities.  We offer a fast, friendly, personalized service to a niche' market of professionals and businesses that like the one on one attention we give them. We don't profess to be anything more than we are. Like so many other companies that started in a basement or garage, we've grown but not overgrown! 

Our Host Drive facility is the home of our base operations and NOC (Network Operations Center).  In 2001 we expanded our server room to double its size and added redundant cooling systems. In 2002 we added a 3 DS3s to SBC, in building wireless for our visitors and tenants, and Cisco 7xxx Series Routers with redundant power supplies and redundant processors. In 2006 we increased our HVAC, Power and added a GigE Fiber Link to Time Warner. In 2007 we increased our cooling and HVAC capacity, increased fiber capacity through AT&T, and added an additional Cisco Router and expanded our server room again. We even took time out to remodel our offices with new paint, carpet, hard wood floors, and art work.

2008 brought the addition of another redundant cooling system, doubled UPS capacity, and the move to 100% rack mounted 1 and 2 U Systems to conserve power and space.  We also added green power supplies and other green architecture to our current network and servers.  As we close out 2008 we do so with a 68% increase in growth, increased network capacity, a complete remodel of our sales offices, reception, conference room and kitchen and finally the sale of our Wireless Company DSLone founded in 1999. Recession or not, 2008 proved to be our biggest growth year ever to date.

2009 ushered in our largest sales and growth period surpassing the previous year.  With a 60% increase in sales in our first quarter alone, even in the midst of what some have called the largest recession since the Great Depression, we have continued to grow. Other highlights include the addition of new Cisco routers, 100 and 1000Mbit switching and Gigabit fiber and ethernet connections. 

Our hosting and reseller servers host over 500,000 web sites from all parts of the globe. Some of our customers include, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), The University of Florida, Verlo Mattress Factory Stores, Aircraft Manufacturers, Software Developers, SEO experts, and several Major Web Host Resellers and secure data providers.

Our NOC is connected via multiple Fiber/Ethernet to Time Warner & Cogent. Our 100% switched, Cisco Routed Network runs BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol) for redundancy to insure that our network is running at 99.998% uptime. We have our own ASN and IP Space and as such are completely autonomous. We added IPv6 Support in 2013.

Green Programs and Activities: We are doing our part to keep the environment safe for future generations to come. We operate in an environmentally friendly location with lots of green space.  Our servers utilize green power supplies and lower power CPUs to reduce our carbon footprint.  Our office uses compact fluorescent lighting and other low carbon emitting devices. Our HVAC systems utilize Down Flow Economizers. This system recycles cold air in the winter months to reduce reliance on artifical cooling, reducing our energy usage and overall carbon output.

Chances are, even if you're not a Bella Mia customer, you may have used a service or services provided by Bella Mia.

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